“The symptoms I was experiencing before the surgery were neck pain radiating down through my chest; headaches, loss of sensation in my arms/legs, and dizziness upon turning my head.

I feel like a completely new person now. Before the surgery my quality of life was continuing to go downhill. Now, with every passing day I continue to feel better.

We were referred to Dr. Jenkins from other doctors I was seeing at Mount Sinai. From the first time we called, I explained what was going on and the staff was extremely quick upon making an appointment, allowing us to visit Dr. Jenkins the following day. From that first visit on, Dr. Jenkins truly got the ball rolling. Dr. Jenkins consulted with many other doctors, ensuring that we were able to get an accurate and quick diagnosis. When an answer was found, Dr. Jenkins educated us on both the pros and cons of the surgery, and ensured we understood that nothing in terms of what will happen is set in stone. Dr. Jenkins is down to earth and tells you what is wrong and what can be done. Next, Dr. Jenkins and his staff were caring up to the point of surgery. When complications aroused, Dr. Jenkins and Sarah visited us, after normal operating hours, in the emergency room on a Friday night. Next, Dr. Jenkins remained in contact with the emergency room doctors until midnight.

After surgery both Dr. Jenkins and Sarah were extremely courteous and supportive to both myself and my family. While I was of course not present, my family stated Dr. Jenkins met with them immediately after surgery, brought them up to where I was, and again met with them before he went home. Post op Dr. Jenkins and Sarah have been extremely responsive and helpful.

I like that Dr. Jenkins is not full of promises. In the past I have met with doctors who basically tell you they know they will fix everything. Dr. Jenkins on the other hand believed he could fix everything, but he said he doesn’t know for sure. Therefore, we weren’t filled with false hope, we were filled with realistic hope. Also, I have never had a doctor visit me post op and take me out walking, etc. That personal relationship is something that myself and my family felt is rare with doctors.

Before the surgery I was unable to work a full week, and of course un-able to fly, exercise, and truly enjoy life. Post op, I will be getting back to my hobby of flying, back to working, back to exercising, hiking, and simply will be getting my life back.

Really, the overall experience has truly been the best we have ever had. The Mount Sinai team, from the first day of meeting Dr. Rucker, has been amazing. We have been unfortunate enough to go through this three times, and this time around was truly as good of an experience as I think we could have had. During my stay, everyone from the maintenance staff working in my room, to the nurses, to the doctors were outstanding. I would recommend Mount Sinai, and Dr. Jenkins, to anyone who is in need of the help he offers.”

– Adam