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This is a story of my miracle – Rise Dimson

I am not a believer in miracles. This is a story of my miracle, written as insufficient thanks to Drs. Stuart Kahn and Arthur Jenkins, as well as the superb staff at Mt. Sinai Hospital. In early Spring I began to suffer from pain primarily located in

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Robert Wisotzky

I have had spinal issues for many years and have seen many fine orthopedic and neurological surgeons.  For me, Dr. Jenkins is the finest of them all. He is the one that I finally chose to assist me with the thoracic spinal condition that bothered me with

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Michael Fierro

I am 73 years old and have never been one to go to doctors. I worked hard all my life, first as a laborer and then as a bus driver. After retiring 10 years ago, I slowly began to have an increase in back and leg pain.

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Pat Ebert, Multiple Spinal Conditions

“I don’t know if Dr Jenkins fully understands my indebtedness to him, for what he has done for me, and I want the world to know what a real talent he is….he is one in 10 million. I had two different surgeries; Surgery #1 I was rear

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“The symptoms I was experiencing before the surgery were neck pain radiating down through my chest; headaches, loss of sensation in my arms/legs, and dizziness upon turning my head. I feel like a completely new person now. Before the surgery my quality of life was continuing to

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Mount Sinai Neurosurgeons Reverse Paraplegia

In 2009, Debbie Ramcharan, 34, was working as an airline baggage handler when she began experiencing lower back pain. She attributed her pain to lifting heavy luggage. The pain intensified, however, and toward the end of the year it became so severe that Debbie sought treatment at

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Outdoor Enthusiast Resumes Vigorous Activities Thanks to Mount Sinai Neurosurgery

Melinda Rishforth was accustomed to being physically active. When persistent back pain began depriving her of her many outdoor pursuits, she thought lumbar spinal fusion surgery was the answer. To her dismay, the spinal fusion left her with progressive lower back pain that greatly limited her quality

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