Tumors of the spine may be benign, malignant, or metastatic. They may be asymptomatic, they may cause pressure on nerves or blood vessels by their expansion, they may erode bone and result in collapse or instability. The treatment of each tumor depends on its pathology, as well as what symptoms it is causing. Understanding all the treatment options available is critical to being able to offer a flexible and optimized treatment strategy to each patient.

Dr. Jenkins is involved in the management of all kinds of tumors of the spine and spinal axis. We employ a collaborative approach to the various types of tumors, as each tumor and each patient requires different treatments. Towards this end of giving the patient the best possible treatment by encouraging collaboration across multiple specialties, we have instituted a unique practice, a dedicated spinal tumor board to review on a weekly cases the new and ongoing cases with specialist from oncology, radiation oncology, interventional neurosurgery (for embolization or vertebroplasty), neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, radiology, pathology, and other primary medical and surgical services as appropriate for the primary lesion or location. To have your case reviewed by the Mount Sinai Spinal Tumor Board, please contact the office of Dr. Jenkins directly.


Treatments, when appropriate, range from least invasive to most invasive depending on many different factors. These may range from observation (wait and see), to minimally invasive non-surgical treatments such as vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty, radiation treatments such as radiosurgery, minimally invasive surgical treatments for resection, decompression, and even instrumentation, or more extensive operations (such as for unstable spines, complete “oncologic” resections including extensive resection where a true cure is possible).

We recognize that patients battling cancer have many different medical and other issues to manage. To make the surgical aspect as safe as possible, we have at our disposal a neurosurgical intensive care unit with a team of dedicated neuro-intensivists, dedicated spine anesthesiologists trained and experienced in managing complex cases, and some of the most talented and experienced consulting services to assist with the medical management of the patient leading up to, during, and after the operation.